Paving, patios and block pavers

Paving, patios & driveways

Hard landscapes-Patio laying & Vehicular-driveways  

Installers of paving, patios and block paving. We can install high-quality stones, or precast slabs in a variety of colors, and patterns to any design specification. 

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All gardens must have basic structural elements. Comprising of walls, fences, paths and so on - in order to link, separate or screen various areas of the plot. This hard framework will be composed of different materials put together to create a particular effect. The result must be satisfactory in both visual and practical terms. The materials used in garden construction vary enormously in cost, durability, maintenance requirements and aesthetic appeal. To make the best of your garden garden design. It is important that you choose the materials bearing all these factors in mind.

Bespoke Patio designs

A patio should ideally be built where it will receive the most sunshine. Ideally south-facing, this is easy to find out. If you have no compass, look in your area for Sky satellite dishes, these always point south-south-east, or just a few degrees off. As a rough guide to the size of a patio, you should allow sufficient space to accommodate garden furniture for four people.


The minimum practical size for this is about 40 sq ft ). The large area of the patio will prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground as normal.


The entire patio must slope slightly - about 1 inch in  6 ft  (25 mm in 1.8 m) towards the garden or flower bed, but not towards the house walls. If the ground naturally slopes towards the house you may have to incorporate drainage.  This helps to divert the rainwater sideways to a suitable drainage point. 

Bespoke-patios & paths

Real stone patio and paving

Real stone patio installers

Paving, Patios & Driveways

Circle patio kit

Circle patio & squaring of kit

Indian sandstone sets

Indian sandstone sets. Sleepers used to follow levels and path