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Splinter-landscapes | lawns and artificial grass contractors. We lay & install high-quality grass turf & artificial grass for domestic & commercial properties in Northampton. 

Real grass & Turfing 

Turf laying & Synthetic lawns - real lawns and artificial grass, are the two common types of lawns. Although artificial grass is more expensive to lay at the outset. Low and easy maintenance gardening is what many people would like to embrace, either through necessity or preference. No garden will be zero maintenance but most gardening activities have a lower input solution or alternative to consider. Read More

Before picture  | of artificial grass
Picture after artificial grass has been completed.
Landscaper planting & installing forming boards for artificial grass..
After picture of soft landscapes planting & completed customers garden.
Before | Laying Turf and preparing grass area
Preparing grass area | Turf Laying Northampton
Preparing area and laying grass turf using railway sleepers in Northampton
After - landscaper turfing & completing customers garden.

Real or fake grass? contractors in Northampton

Prestige - High-Quality seed or grass turf.

Ornamental lawns, tend to contain a mix of low growing, fine-leaved slender red fescue (Festuca rubra subsp).  Grass seeds in autumn, while the ground is warm and moist, will germinate or root in a couple of weeks. The grass seeds consequently have a head start over seeds sown in the colder spring. Grass turf can also be laid now but it is better to wait until the Autumn months.

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