Landscape design / Garden project

Landscape design / Project build

Splinter-landscapes-2020 project: before, during and after 

 A large Landscape-design project we are currently developing, for a customer in Duston Northampton. March 2020 start date, too completion of finished design, will continue to update work portfolio, during this Landscape-design...

Creative Garden Designs for a purpose

More complicated features such as changes of levels, raised beds and elaborate structures such as arbours and shed bases, are easier to integrate where they seem to perform an obvious function.  Return to Home page, or read more About-us  

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Garden project: / Day 1

 Beginning of Landscape design (Day-1) levelling of downwards sloping garden

Good trees kept: / Day 2

Day 2, good trees kept: / Small trees not kept removed from garden for recycling.

Remove old coal bunker

Existing outbuilding coal bunker needs removing. Reuse hardcore put aside for later!

Mechanical digger: Day 3

Landscaper excavating large rear garden and levelling with mini-digger

Remove & build fence

Landscape design-Level cut and fill. Put aside good top soil and, remove & build new fence

Recycle waste: / Day 6

Day 6: concrete post, and gravel boards & feather edge panels / Recycle garden waste

Design plans are followed.

Day Severn of project. Area beginning to take shape. Plans are drafted and followed.

Landscape design

Follow drafted drawings for this landscape design.

Forming frame: Day 7

Forming frame: Day 7 measure  & build shuttering for shed base

Strengthen shuttering

Strengthen shuttering frame and check measurements for shed concrete base

Consolidate hardcore

Consolidate hardcore for shed base and prepare frame

Concrete poured

Concrete poured and completed for large shed base

Raised patio base

When Arbour is finished, a raised patio will be developed for Arbour to sit on

Build fence: Day 8

Begin building feather edge, arris rail fence: Day 8

Completed side fence

Complete additional side fence for customers garden

North east facing

Build raised beds, north east facing topography-right plant right place

Raised flower beds

Completed raised sleepers flower beds

Build Arbour

Following landscape design plans Arbour was positioned in far left corner

Completed Arbour

 Arbour is finished, a raised patio will be developed for Arbour to sit on

Day 10-Turf laying in Duston Northants

Day 10 of this Landscape design: Picture showing turf laying