Garden drainage & irrigation

Severe garden-drainage, puddling and wet areas in your garden

Drainage problems in your garden

Common garden problems are puddling  and wet areas in your garden. Perhaps caused by a new patio or hard surface where water can not easily drain off.  Our landscapers design your garden with practical insights & fresh ideas and take into account these problem areas drainage. 

Garden drainage - landscaper digging hole for soak-away for drainage system.
Garden drainage landscaping-Dig channels for perforated land drainage
Garden drainage landscaping | Waterlogged gardens and puddling - drainage systems
Extensive garden drainage problems solution - incorporate Pergola &gravel chippings

French drainage can be used if the puddling problem is not severe

Identify which solution is best for you.

For severe garden-drainage, firstly identify an outlet for the water to flow. Then lay perforated pipes (available from good builder’s merchants or drainage contractors) below the level of cultivation, usually 40-60cm (16-24in) deep and 3-6m (10-20ft) apart. The trenches must follow a natural slope or a constructed one with a fall of 1:40 towards the outlet you have identified for drainage water. A herringbone layout is usually employed with the feeders meeting a main line at an angle of 45 degrees. This can then drain in to a Soak-away. For more information about drainage vist Wikipedia website.

French drainage and soak-aways

Piped drainage

If the soak away is part of a French drain system,  again it best positioned at the lowest point, lower than the drains so that water from the French drains will flow into it. This will avoid having to use pumps to transfer the water from the trenches into the soak-away.   The fall along the entire length has to be just enough to keep the water flowing.   Again, position the soak  away at least five meters from any property. After installing soak-away and French drains, this  can then  be  turfed,  patio  or as in the example above a Pergola. A good example of this are New House builds, caused by consolidated hard ground, and rubble left behind from contractors. These are commonplace' after the builders have finished your new home. Creative solutions for this can be extensive, the following are sometimes needed, soak-aways, and french drainage. Our landscapers design your garden with practical insights & fresh ideas and take into account these problem areas. 

Waterlogged gardens and puddling,  problems sometimes require piped drainage where perforated plastic pipes are laid in trenches on a firmed 5cm (2in) bed of coarse gravel and covered with 10cm (4in) of gravel. Designing and installing piped drainage on a large-scale,  is skilled, and heavy work and is best accomplished by landscape or specialist contractor.

Perforated single wall land drainage. Used as a collector drain for the removal of excess surface water on gardens and fields to a suitable collection point. The minimum depth of cover on any piped drain needs to be at least 450mm to protect the pipe from damage due to the surface traffic or maintenance operations such as deep spiking