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Landscaper installing feater edge fencing
Long lasting concrete post & close board fence
Bespoke fencing looking out to forested area
Timber close-board fence

Splinter landscapes  fencing & gates, supplied and fitted.

Contractors for fencing & repairs in Northampton.

Types of fencing :

Decorative fencing , fence panels, curved panel fence, feather edge fencing, decorative fencing with trellis, picket fencing,  europa curved timber gate, feather edge gate, barbage double gates, close boarded fencing, panel gate, metal gates and railings.

Bespoke or ready assembled gates.

  • To improve your frontage with an attractive entrance, and provide a measure  of security against intruders’, ready-assembled or bespoke gates are available. They come in a choice of materials and a whole host of styles, to complement some of the types of fencing options available for you.
  • Paling gate: with a diagonal brace: the ideal complement for a picket fence.
  • Diamond-slatted:  front entrance gate: a more rustic design.
  • Woven panel:  suitable for side entrance gate: made to fit 
  • Ornately scrolled metal gate: most suitable for an elegant entrance.
  • Standard timber front entrance gate: with plywood infill panels.

Contractors for fencing & repairs in Northampton.

The types of fencing available in '2019 at suppliers.

  • Wavy-edged fencing:  with horizontal overlapping planks and is available in various panel sizes.
  • Interwoven panels: makes a light weight, economical boundary fence.
  • Close boarded fences:  normally built on site, are the strongest solid boundaries fence.
  • Picket post-and-rail:  fencing,  fore front garden boundaries, and is usually painted white.
  • Wire mesh fencing:  may be utilitarian or, hoop-topped and decorative.
  • Split-chestnut paling:  consist of rough-hewn stakes between taut wires.
  • Ranch-style fencing: is a popular paddock boundary, often painted white.
  • Herringbone trellis:  panels can be used to screen an unsightly view.
  • Spiked chain fencing:  is a purely visual, often decorative way to mark off areas.
  • Square-pattern trellis:  may have a curved top, and is ideal as a support for climbers.