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I have for many years been a creative landscaper & garden designer for all types of gardens - large gardens, small gardens, designs for a purpose, basic designs, elaborate theme gardens and trompe l'oeil.  Trompe l'oeil is French for deceives the eye'. In gardening, it refers to the creation of illusions that make a garden seem larger or more interesting than it is, to produce an example of beauty, or just to play a light - heart'ed joke. The difference between the ordinary & the outstanding. 

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Talented craftsmen who possess all the necessary skills to transform & landscape your garden. Building trust and strong working relationships with our customer base. With many years’ experience in landscaping, and designs for a purpose.


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 Low maintenance garden ideas and strategies for making a beautiful garden. 


The design work generally involves a number of stages from survey and analysis, through concept sketches to detailed plans, cost estimates, and specifications. Our landscapers can then help you plan, your next garden projects more efficiently.

Customers brief 

For even complex landscaping task'. By far the quickest way, is using our custom tailored step by step form.  By uploading your garden pictures, garden plans and a brief description of the work needed. Our professional landscapers then have a good idea what you want, thus making the process, as straightforward and as quick as possible'.

Our professional landscapers will then visit your garden

After contacting us an initial visit to your  garden is required, to listen to what you want to achieve, including feasibility, budgets and timescale. I will then send you an email to confirm the fees, with a detailed quote and the work that will be carried out.

Alternatively give Ian a call and I  can talk through how I might be able to help you. 

Designing the garden

Often the difference between the ordinary and the outstanding garden lies in relatively minor design detail. A focal point such as a statue, or water feature.

A carefully positioned path or simply a corner of peace and tranquility separated from the rest of the garden and complemented with suitable plants. In turn creating an ideal garden, functionality, and enjoying your outdoor living space. We offer practical insights & inspiration for improving your garden. Brilliant budget garden makeovers that will boost your outdoor space without breaking the bank! From beginning to end, we will inspire you, with our great garden designs, and give your garden new ideas.  We undertake a variety of garden work, design & landscaping - for residential & commercial properties. 

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Hard landscaping for Soft landscape features

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Garden designs & soft landscapes

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 Site analysis fundamental in any good garden design 

A site analysis helps our landscapers design beautiful garden designs and understand unique problems, associated with your property, and how they can be best used.

A full measured survey,  grid level survey, typical site analysis plan.

In turn creating an ideal garden, functionality, and enjoying your outdoor living space. Taking time to study your landscape site or property and analyse the basic features found there. Therefore think of it as a design brief of your property, listing its assets and liabilities by area.

As well as environmental factors that may affect a final design (i.e. sun angle, wind direction, pleasant views, and unpleasant views).

Planning a garden for youLet our landscapers design a garden idea for you!

Every garden contains a number of ornamental and practical features - the trick is arranging them to appear wholly complementary. As you explore the garden - however small - you discover new features that can't be seen immediately. 


Soft landscapes plan- complete list of plants!  Right plant, right place! check out - Royal Horticultural Website (R.H.S) for a more in-depth article.

The site analysis plan, analyse the basic features found there. For more detailed information: see the Wikipedia knowledge base and my recent edit. 

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 Landscapers in Northampton | Site survey & analysis drawing plan
                  Site Analysis Plan

After pictureChoosing the plants that will best grow in your garden.

Garden design/Soft landscapes
Splinter landscapes | Garden design soft landscapes planting plan | Right plant right place.
         Soft landscapes-Planting Plan                   Right Plant, Right Place

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