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The trick to giving small gardens a huge punch is to have one big idea. Ideas · Planning · High-quality products · Design

Elements to consider when first planning are !

Plan your next garden project, overhaul your outdoor space and prepare to be inspired with our great garden ideas. A well-landscaped garden with practical design features and clever planting can help add to the look and feel of your home. Even with limited outdoor space and basic gardening skills you can still transform your patio or lawn into a relaxing garden retreat with a few simple design tricks. We will help to have you landscape gardening before you know it with our 100s of garden pictures and ideas from around the UK. Splinter landscapes a local company near you Duston, Northampton.

  • (1) - Walls and boundaries
  • (2) - Hedges and fences
  • (3) - Paths and patios
  • (4) - Lawns
  • (5) - Water features
  • (6) - Zoning areas (dining, playing, shading)
  • (7) - Planting: trees, shrubs, pots
  • (8) - Lighting
  • (9) - Out-buildings

Practical insights & inspiration for improving your garden.